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Join our workshop at the Nordic Edge Expo in Stavanger!

The USEPE project is proud to invite all interested stakeholders – with a specific focus on local authorities – to our workshop with other EU-funded projects on urban air mobility. This workshop is part of the Nordic Edge Expo in Stavanger, and will happen on May 11 at 14:00-15:30 in the Victoria Hotel. It will showcase activities from municipalities, drone operators and research centers to set up the right conditions for air mobility introduction in cities.

Can you imagine riding on a carpet above the city to your bank or medical appointment? Or receiving deliveries from a bird flying over the traffic?

Use cases for air transport in the city are increasing: urgent medical deliveries, transport to remote areas, construction site surveillance, etc. As drones and aircrafts start appearing as a potential transport mode over cities, several questions arise. Together with experts and a more general audience, we will address and discuss the following challenges:

  • Why would we want drones and aircrafts’ operating over our heads?
  • What are the risks of these services?
  • How to make sure drones will not invade urban skies and disturb citizens’ quality of life?

USEPE and three other EU-funded projects AiRMOUR, TindAir, and Green Flyway will address specific aspects of air mobility currently under research. First, we will showcase international cooperation and experiments for cities’ and remote areas’ interconnection. Second, we will present specific use cases of unmanned aircrafts in the city and the anticipated risks related to their operation. Finally, we will raise awareness on all available material for cities and regions to get ready for the third dimension.

Speakers from publicly funded projects will explain their objectives and methods, which include stakeholder engagement, regulation and standards definition, and uptake by relevant authorities and service providers.

Come discover how YOU can prepare and define what air transport city you want to be!

More information on the workshop and registration is available here.

Nordic Edge Expo is the leading Nordic event for future cities and communities. It will be right in the heart of the vibrant city of Stavanger – when the city will be shown as a living lab for cutting- edge innovation.

A full programme of conferences, networking events and workshops is brought together to address this big question: how can we contribute to the green shift together – leaving no one behind?

The objective is to inspire the audience to act and find solutions to small and big challenges to achieve UN targets for climate-neutral cities within 2030.

The detailed programme is available in the event official invite.