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USEPE at the POLIS Conference 2022: Deep dive into urban airspace

USEPE will present its activity and results at the POLIS Conference 2022 in Brussels on December 1st. Together with the AURORA and the AiRMOUR projects, we will give an update on currently conducted research and development for the introduction of air mobility services in cities. The objective of the “deep dive into urban airspace” session is to bring a wide audience of transport authorities, operators, and users to think about opportunities and challenges of integrating air transport services in urban transport systems.

Next to innovations’ presentations by EU-funded projects, a discussion will be animated by a representative of the European Commission with stakeholders from the pedestrian and air transport modes, as well as local authorities’ and airports’ networks. The speakers will provide an overview of cities and regions’ involvement in addressing urban air mobility innovations, and highlight further needed synergies and initiatives to ensure they benefit society.

Join the session to bridge the gap between aviation experts, transport organisers, and passengers and citizens! Now is the key moment to involve as many stakeholder types as possible to shape new air mobility services supporting our urban transport system tomorrow.