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USEPE elegantly bows out of business with last public appearances in December

With Saint Nicholas came the last opportunities for interaction with the USEPE partners. The project was represented by different members of the consortium at a series of events taking place in December, as a final lap in the European UAM research arena for this focused and in-depth research project. Here is a recap of this nice public wrap-up.

Transport Research Arena in Lisbon

On November 17 in Lisbon, our partner POLIS Network introduced the invited session “Towards Sustainable Urban Air Mobility” at the Transport Research Arena in Lisbon.

“Towards sustainable urban air mobility” session panel

With a keynote speech about the role of local authorities in UAM, Manon Coyne presented the activities of USEPE to support authorities in ensuring safe UAM operations. In addition to identifying key stakeholders and engaging them in reflections on the topic, the project deeply researched and tested a new concept for drone separation, aimed at ensuring safe operations if further developed and standardised. Next to this input, Vassilis Agouridas presented the UAM Initiative for Cities Community (UIC2), and the panelists Silvio Semanjski coordinator of AURORA-UAM, Petri Mononen coordinator of AiRMOUR, Ruud Van Iwaarden coordinator of Flying Forward 2020, and Marta Tojal Castro from ASSURED-UAM Project H2020, discussed pathways towards sustainable UAM in our cities and communities. The session concluded with a lively panel discussion on the topic.

EU Drone Days in Brussels

On November 29 and 30 in Brussels, our project coordinator Esther Nistal Cabañas from ISDEFE presented the USEPE results at the EU Drone Days.

USEPE Project coordinator at the EU Drone Days in Brussels, November 29, 2022

The EU Drone Days were a two-day conference co-organized by the SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking and the European Commission. Together with six other significant Exploratory Research projects (among which our cooperation projects DACUS, ICARUS, and BUBBLES), we explored the boundaries of the U-Space development, and discussed about the important role of innovation for the development of a safe and sustainable drone market. The discussion was greatly moderated by Nil Agacdiken from the SESAR 3 JU.

UAM deep dive session at the POLIS 2022 conference in Brussels

On December 1st in the cold Belgian winter, our communication leader Aurilla Aurélie Arntzen presented the USEPE outcomes and contribution to the integration of UAM in urban mobility.

USEPE communication leader at the POLIS22 conference

Together with the AURORA and the AiRMOUR projects, we gave an update on currently conducted research and development for the introduction of air mobility services in cities. The objective of the “deep dive into urban airspace” session was to bring a wide audience of transport authorities, operators, and users to think about opportunities and challenges of integrating air transport services in urban transport systems. Thanks to contributions from the European Commission, the International Federation of Pedestrians, the UAM School for cities and the UAM initiative cities’ community, a lively conversation took place, highlighting drawbacks and European approaches to overcome challenges and make UAM a solution for all rather than a burden for urban mobility.

SESAR Innovation Days in Budapest

Our communication leader Aurelie Aurilla Bechina Arntzen was part of a panel discussion at the SESAR Innovation Days (SIDs) 2022 held in beautiful Budapest on December 5 to 8, 2022.

USEPE communication leader at SIDs in Budapest, December 6, 2022

In addition to describing the USEPE outcomes for the structure of the U-Space, Aurilla took part in the discussion on the next steps to turn prototype concepts developed in exploratory research projects to full operational services. Another challenge identified in these exchanges was the required daily validation activities, and the involvement of end users to assess the economic benefit and the perceived added value of UAM services. Experts came to the conclusion that the remaining tasks and challenges are numerous, but current activities are on good track!

With this, the promotion, communication and dissemination in wider audiences of the USEPE project came to a glorious end.

We hope to see our results further exploited in upcoming research activities.