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USEPE holds a workshop at ICUAS 2022

USEPE workshop presentation at ICUAS 2022

The USEPE partners will present the concept and method developed and tested in a workshop at ICUAS 2022, on June 21st in Dubrovnik (Croatia). The workshop will showcase several papers developed by the different partners on following aspects of drones’ separation:

  • Drones traffic management
  • Geovectoring
  • Turbulent wind field simulations
  • Our simulation tool, BlueSky
  • Search and rescue missions
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Local authorities’s role in UAM

You can find the list of presentations and speakers in our workshop presentation.

More information on our workshop is also available on the ICUAS webpage.

ICUAS 2022 presentation – June 21st to 24th, 2022, Dubrovnik (Croatia)

ICUAS is the annual International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems organised by the ICUAS Association since 2011. Its mission is to advance knowledge, education, basic and applied research and development, disseminate information and increase societal awareness in unmanned aviation and its applications.

The central theme of ICUAS ’22 is twofold: 1) aerial robotics, and 2) guidance, navigation, and control of manned – unmanned systems. The audience is composed of qualified representatives worldwide, funding agencies, industry, and academia. They will discuss in Dubrovnik the current state of unmanned aviation advances, and the roadmap to their full utilization in civilian and public domains, with a special emphasis on research opportunities.

You can already REGISTER for the workshop and the conference ! All information available HERE.