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D4.1 Report on design concept implementation

USEPE partners are very happy to announce that this deliverable has been approved by the SESAR Joint Undertaking!

This report is deliverable 4.1 of USEPE, where the process for defining and developing the simulator for testing the separation method Dynamic Density Corridor Concept (D2-C2) is presented.

It includes:

  1. The description of the problem under study and the requirements of the simulation tool to be used in the context of the USEPE project.
  2. The description of the traffic simulation platform (BlueSky), wind simulator (PALM), and required developments to simulate drone traffic within a city.
  3. The implementation of additional modules to represent USEPE separation method (D2-C2).

The method presented effectively simulates urban drone traffic in any city provided the specific inputs (e.g., buildings 3D model), making it a useful tool for research in the U-Space field. This tool will be used in particular for performing the validation activities envisioned in WP5 of this project.


To read and download the deliverable – D4.1 USEPE Report on design concepts implementation 00.01.00