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USEPE at the POLIS 2021 Conference !

USEPE took part in the POLIS conference beginning December, in snowy Gothenburg, Sweden. We presented the advancement of our separation method and our simulations in session “1C. The Vertical Dimension”. The whole session focused on activities related to air mobility in cities.

Next to the presentations of the HARMONY project, the Airport Regions Council (ARC), and the UAM initiative cities community (UIC2), we highlighted the challenges and opportunities related to the emergence of air mobility services in cities.

First, Luciano Pana Tronca from UCL presented the H2020 HARMONY project. He addressed the integration or urban air mobility with other mobility services. Then, Manon Coyne from POLIS Network showed the work conducted in USEPE on the safety of aircraft services operations. Finally, Sergi Alegre from ARC and Vassilis Agouridas from UIC2 questioned the role of local authorities in the governance of urban air mobility. They represented initiatives from cities and regions to get involved in the research and development of air mobility services on their territories.

Cities and regions interested and involved in research on urban air mobility attended the session: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Enschede… Each presentation led to fruitful exchanges on key topics with authorities. Thanks to this, the session was very successful. On one hand, it raised awareness on the rapid air mobility services’ emergence in urban and regional skies. On the other hand, it clarified challenges and opportunities. The discussions inspired participants to get ready for this new dimension of their mobility system. Overall, great promotional and networking opportunity, both for our project and the increased involvement of local authorities in UAM !

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