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USEPE Initial Concept of Operations

We have submitted our initial concept of operations!

D3.2-USEPE Initial Concept of Operations-v00.01.00


This report is the deliverable 3.2 of USEPE, where the USEPE Initial Concept of Operations is elaborated.
It is based on the D3.1 USEPE ConOps Outline, the development of the design concept done in WP4, and the results from the simulation and validation campaign carried out in WP5.


Initially, this deliverable describes how drone operations are currently performed and what the restrictions are in densely populated environments. By, understanding the present issues, it will be possible to make future decisions as proposed by USEPE.

The proposed system contains the operational policies and regulations, and presents the environment that affects the drone operations in terms of their separation.

The analysis of stakeholder needs has led to the elaboration of a new separation method called D2-C2. This new method is based on a density-based airspace approach together with the addition of the airspace structure based on high-speed corridors and (layered) segments described using the geovectoring syntax. This new method has been named as “Dynamic Density Corridor Concept”.

This deliverable presents the Initial Concept of Operations describing the new separation method proposed to apply separation in urban environments and the requirements that the separation method has to comply with.